Personal “Survival Kit”


Consider this list of items for your personal survival kit.  You’ll need to assess these tools 8136733_origto determine their priority and where to store or carry them.  You may find that some items should be on your person all the time.  Some may be stored in your car, at work or in a bag by the front door of your home.  You may feel the need to have duplicates; one for the car and one for the office.  Each person’s list will be different.  After 9/11 many people who live or work in high rise building added smoke hoods to their list.  I rarely travel above the 7th floor and don’t feel the need for one.  Likewise, I don’t have chains or a snow shovel in my trunk but for some it’s a way of life.  Some people can fix just about anything with duct tape and a pocket knife.  Others rely on their cell phone.  It’s your life.  It’s your list.  Evaluate the usefulness of each and prepare accordingly.  I recommend you print a copy of this list and keep it as an inventory for each of your survival kits.  Check your inventory at least once a year.  I recommend you take the kit from your car and perform an inventory every time you get your oil changed.  Make it a habit.  As a final note, personal survival kits make very thoughtful gifts for the important people in your life.


Download a printable checklist here:

Personal Survival Kit

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