As a 14 year old girl, this has been invaluable.  I walk everywhere.  School, dance, walking the dogs.  Walking with friend.  And this can help with safety for me.   Hanna

This class was wonderful.  Great material very well presented.  If I had teenage daughters I would get them to this class in a heartbeat.    Catherine

Chuck’s seminar was so helpful.  I learned not only techniques to use if attacked and I learned how I can minimize or prevent an attack from happening.  I’d recommend it to everyone.   Joy

I feel much more confident on how to defend myself after taking Chuck Peterson’s self defense course.  Thank you.    Sharon

Excellent class – great information that can be implemented now.    Tina

Excellent.  Not a moment wasted.  Thank you.    Pam

As a mother of two daughters and a runner, the information I learned about personal safety is invaluable.    Lori

I entered college in August and I was not prepared for an attack.  After taking this class I feel like I am ready for anything.  Emily

This was fun and informative.  A lot of great ideas and hands on training that was very easy to learn.  Great class.   Sandy

“Looked at your website and think it is one of the best for women’s self defense! Lots of good information.”  Fred Vogt, author of See Sally Kick Ass

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