Why should you believe anything on this site or at my clinic?  It’s a good question and deserves an answer.  There are so many “experts” in this arena you deserve to know what makes me, my clinic or this website worth your time and effort.

I’ve studied martial arts, and especially American Kenpo Karate, for over 45 years, learning from some of the best.  Kenpo is a practical, street-real style of martial arts.  A fellow black belt once told me that if she couldn’t use her Kenpo while wearing a little black dress and 3″ heels then she wasn’t interested.  It works (even if you’re wearing a little black dress).  I earned my yellow belt in 1972 and my 4th degree black belt in 2017 and I continue to practice and teach.  I don’t claim to be a master but I am proficient.  What I teach really works.

Through the Air Force I learned to use a handgun in 1981 and had regular training and proficiency tests.  However, I didn’t get serious about learning how to handle a gun until after I left the service.  I have since taken a Concealed Carry class, an advanced concealed carry course from ShootLogic and served as a range safety officer for Massad Ayoob’s MAG 40 course.  With their great instruction and lots of practice, I’ve refined my technique considerably.  It’s been good training and I practice regularly.

This course came out of a concern for the safety of my wife, daughter and daughter-in-law.  I’ve researched the topic thoroughly, investing in videos and books from the best in the field (see the Reading List for the best of the best).  I’ve developed and refined the class over a ten year period.  It amazes me that my first class didn’t mention stalking, domestic violence or date-rape drugs.  The class continues to evolve but today I’m satisfied that it addresses the most significant threats.

My students have ranged in age from pre-teen to seniors and have included Girl Scouts, high school and college students, teachers, nurses, moms and grandmoms.  This clinic has been reviewed by fellow karate teachers, law enforcement officers and many others who teach similar courses.  In short, I’ve offered this material up to the scrutiny of those who know every aspect of the subject and what’s left is only the best.

The course boils down to this:  Every criminal needs the opportunity to commit a crime, the ability to commit the crime, and the intent to commit the crime.  If a criminal has all three and you’re his target, you’re also a victim.  If you can deny him just one of those elements, there will be no crime and you won’t be a victim.  That’s the goal.  The method to achieve that goal is just as straight-forward.

Prepare.  The world is full of criminals so you need to prepare for them.  They certainly prepare for you.  Everything you know about staying safe, the skills you have, the weapons you carry – all of that goes into your preparation.  You’re either well-prepared or you’re a victim in search of a criminal.  This website and the PROAct Approach clinic provide a great way to start your preparation in earnest.

Recognize.  Recognize both the safe and dangerous times and places.  Learn to identify what makes one place safer than another.  Learn to recognize people with malicious intent before they are close enough to do you harm.

Orient.  Adjust your life to spend more time in safer areas than you do in dangerous areas.  Orient not just in terms of locale but in terms of time.  A relatively safe location in the daytime might be very dangerous when the sun goes down.  Adjust how you live to situations and circumstances of daily living.

Act.  When face to face with a would-be criminal, your posture, gestures, tone of voice, and the words you use are all part of the actions you take to confront danger.  If necessary, your hands, feet, elbows, and weapons can all be used to fight your way out of a dangerous situation.

There is no magic formula for safety.  But I believe if you follow my PROAct Approach, you can reduce your risk immeasurably.  It takes work but it’s worth it.

I’ve done the research.  I’ve tailored the course and the website to do everything I can to help you live more safely.  Take advantage of it.  Be proactive.  Then give me feedback.

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