The PROAct Approach


Any crime requires three elements.  The criminal must have opportunity, intent and ability.  If any of those three elements are absent the crime simply can’t happen.  That applies to arson, armed robbery or rape.  Eliminate any of the three and you’re safe.  If you remember the fire triangle they taught us all in grade school, you needed heat, fuel and oxygen.  Eliminate one and the fire goes out.  It’s a lot like that.  Eliminate any one of the three and there’s no crime.  It’s easiest to eliminate the opportunity, then change the intent and it’s hardest to fight the ability.


Nearly every victim has two things in common.  First, they never thought they would be the victim of a crime.  Second, they are woefully unprepared when crime comes their way.  Combined, those beliefs are a recipe for disaster.  The PROAct seminar counters those problems with education and training..


DenyIf you don’t want to become a victim, it’s essential that you learn how to:


1.  Minimize his opportunity.    There is an effective approach you can take that will drastically reduce the opportunities a criminal has.


2.  Change the intent.   Should a criminal confront you, there is an approach you can take to change his intent.  Some criminals can be deterred by your body language, your choice of words or a combination.  How you project in the face of danger is critical.


3.  Destroy the ability.  A determined criminal may need extra convincing.  This takes a certain practiced determination to use violence against your assailant.  It’s hard to fight and win.  It’s harder when the assailant is bigger and stronger.  But it is possible and a few simple tools and techniques, well executed, may be give you the edge and a chance to escape.


To achieve those goals you must employ a deliberate approach, a PROAct Approach.  PROAct stands for:


Prepare – Prepare your home, car, workplace, school.  Prepare your mind with sound information and useful techniques.  The greater your level of preparation, the more options you have, the more confidence you have and the safer you will be.

Recognize – Recognize the safe zones and dangers zones.  Recognize the body language, and verbal signals a potential criminal sends and learn to interpret them.  We recognize the nature of our surroundings instinctively but with a little education we can improve out ability to spot trouble before it happens.

Orient – Orient your life to spend more time in safety and less in danger.  There will always be crime in the world however through proper orientation you won’t be there when it happens.  It’s not enough to move away from danger you must also move toward safety.

Act – The words you use, the body language you project, the weapons you carry are all tools you can use to act when you’re face to face with a would be criminal.  Sound preparation increases your options and improves your confidence when it’s time to act.  You have a lot of options on how to improve your ability to act in the face of danger.

Learning to incorporate a PROAct Approach in daily living will not only increase your safety, it will give you greater confidence.



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