Every 2 minutes someone is sexually assaulted in AmericaSilhouette-of-woman-showing-stop-gesture copy

Live Smart, Fight Back

If you want to crime proof your life you need to be proactive.  Schedule a PROAct seminar.   In one morning you’ll learn:

What are the real threats to your safety

How can you recognize and avoid them

How to fight back when the criminal tries to invade your world

How to prepare so that you have a fighting chance

This website is designed to help you prepare to live more safely.  It includes tools to aid your preparation, ways to better recognize the safe and the more dangerous elements of your life, and a way to orient your living toward safety.  Finally, if you do come face to face with a criminal, you must be prepared to act.  There are some tips and tools on how to do that.

This site is designed as trustworthy place to start.  You’ll find links to articles that are spot-on, a reading list with only the most useful books and articles, and tools for self defense that are effective and easy to use.  Reading is good.  Investing in tools for self defense is good too.  But a half-day clinic is the best way to help you prepare.

Let’s set up a clinic.   Four  hours  is all I need to help you and your group to live with greater awareness and confidence.  The cost is always free. 

Contact me and we’ll set a date and work out the details.

Connect with us on FaceBook to find out about upcoming classes and the the occasional update or news item.

If you feel that you’re qualified and are interested in teaching this clinic in your area please contact me at:

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